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Hajime No Ippo Episode 74

Hajime no Ippo is a 2000 Japanese anime series based on the manga written by George Morikawa. The first 75-episode anime season, produced by Madhouse, Nippon Television and VAP and directed by Satoshi Nishimura, aired on Nippon TV between October 4, 2000, and March 27, 2002.[1] The episodes were collected into twenty-five DVDs released by VAP from March 16, 2001 to March 21, 2003.[2][3] The last DVD includes a special episode which did not air in Japan, numbered 76.[3] A television film titled Hajime no Ippo: Champion Road aired on April 18, 2003.[4] An original video animation (OVA) titled Hajime no Ippo Mashiba vs. Kimura was released on September 5, 2003.[5]

Hajime no Ippo Episode 74

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In 2009, Rikiya Koyama, the voice actor of Mamoru Takamura, revealed in his blog that a sequel to the Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger season was being planned. At the end of his blog entry, he wrote, "Of course, a sequel is also being planned!!".[7] In July 2013, it was reported in that year's 34th issue of Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine that a third season of Hajime no Ippo would air in the fall 2013 season.[8][9] The third season, titled Hajime no Ippo: Rising, ran for 25 episodes from October 5, 2013 to March 29, 2014.[10][11] Hajime no Ippo: Rising was streamed on Crunchyroll.[12]

In North America, the first season was licensed by Geneon Entertainment in 2003, which released it under the name Fighting Spirit.[13] Geneon distributed Fighting Spirit on 15 DVDs with five episodes per disc. The first DVD was released on July 6, 2004 and the fifteenth released on December 19, 2006.[14][15] The DVDs included English and Spanish language tracks, as well as the original Japanese. The TV film Champion Road was released on North America on January 9, 2007.[16] There were no plans to release the OVA, Mashiba vs. Kimura. Disc sales of the series did not perform well.[17] In September 2020, Discotek Media announced that they have licensed the series for a 2021 release, including the 76 episodes, Champion Road and, for the first time in North America, the OVA Mashiba vs. Kimura.[18]

In an effort to expand its ever-growing library of anime, Netflix recently signed a non-exclusive deal with the Japanese entertainment company, Nippon TV, which will see 13 of its most popular anime available to stream on Netflix around the world.

Netflix has has teamed up with Nippon TV again for a new licensing deal, that will add 13 anime series from the Japanese network to the streaming platform's library. The new additions include a number of cult-classic anime series with high episode counts, so there'll be plenty of binging available as these licensed series roll out.

Hunter X Hunter will arrive first on September 1 with a block of 38 episodes and will be followed by Ouran High School Host Club and Claymore on the same day. You can find the full list below and the overall episode count for each series below: 041b061a72

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