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Ernest Alexandrov
Ernest Alexandrov

Elizabeth Heather Modeling 101 ((BETTER))

During her tenure in higher education, Dr. Richardson has engaged in a wide range of teaching, scholarship, and service activities. She has served as co-director and clinical instructor in the Summer Autism Camp and Interprofessional Autism Clinic where she advocates for the unique role and district value of occupational therapy through modeling and instruction of intervention approaches that reflect the core values, attitudes, and principles of OT including an emphasis on play and strengths-based approaches. Her work in interprofessional education and practice in these programs was used as a basis for her doctoral capstone project while completing her post-professional doctoral degree in occupational therapy at the University of St. Augustine. Other research and clinical practice interests include exploring nature as a therapeutic modality, eco-sustainable OT practice, and complementary and integrative health approaches in OT.

Elizabeth Heather Modeling 101


During the audition, she is very nervous, and she messes up. Thinking she bombed the audition, she finds Tom Blake's address after finding out that some models please their clients to get modeling work. At the end, she is seen going over to Tom Blake's apartment.

In Uptown Girl (2), she gets the modeling job, as well as earning Holly J., Chantay, and Anya as friends. She and Danny begin to have a romantic interest, and she also befriends a new girl, Leia. Mia also has her first runway show, after which Tom Blake approaches her to party. Mia and Leia then go to Blake's apartment, where he wants to have group sex with Mia and Leia.

In Money for Nothing, Holly J. finds out from Leia that Mia slept with Tom Blake to get the modeling job before she leaks it to a reporter and greatly exaggerates the details of Mia being a wild, party girl in secret.

Unwilling to give up the benefits of modeling money, Mia chooses to drop out of school to model full time, but after talking with her mother, she decides to go back to Degrassi after realizing that her education will ultimately get her through life as where modeling is only a temporary career.

Lee, BY and McGlone, SM and Bailey, RR and Wiringa, AE and Zimmer, SM and Smith, KJ and Zimmerman, RK (2010)To test or to treat? an analysis of influenza testing and Antiviral treatment strategies using economic computer modeling. PLoS ONE, 5 (6).

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