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SoMachine 3.1: How to Use It to Create and Run Projects

if you have a somachine process which has more than one project, you can now start the process from the main project and select a second project. if, for example, you have a project defined for layer 1 of a machine which you wish to run on a layer 3 machine, you can now press the "start" button and choose the second process on the menu.

somachine 3.1 download

  • the following are available from the national institute of standards and technology (nist) in washington, dc, for use of the public and private sectors: standard definition software and standards building.

  • digital signature

  • federal cybersecurity framework.

  • federal information processing standards

perhaps the most well-known research by the nist computer security division is the paper that the nist framework for improving critical infrastructure cybersecurity, commonly known as nist sp800-122. this paper is publicly available for download from the nist web site.

another paper that is widely referenced for information on intrusion detection and intrusion detection systems (idss) is the nist guide to modeling & verification of intrusion detection systems, which is also available for free download from the nist site. this is a very well-researched paper describing research and lessons learned by the nist computer security division.

consideration of potential security incidents and ensuring that systems and network access control mechanisms are effective is required to protect critical control system infrastructure from threats and exploit vulnerabilities. this requires diligent planning and ready implementation of protection mechanisms (see office of personnel management cybersecurity framework).

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