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Ernest Alexandrov
Ernest Alexandrov

Amibroker 5.60.3

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amibroker 5.60.3


How to Install the Supertrend Indicator1)Download Download Supertrend AFL code with Sound and Popup Alerts2)Unzip Supertrend V2 to local folder3)Copy Non Supertrend AFL code code to c:program filesamibrokerformulasbasic folder4)Copy to to c:program filesamibrokerformulasInclude folder5)Open Amibroker and Open a New Blank Chart6)Goto Charts->Basic Charts and apply/drag-and-drop the Non Supertrend AFL code code into the blank chart7)Bingo you are done. Now you will be able to see the Supertrend indicator with Buy and Sell signals.

I tried to install the file as points3) Copy not Supertrend AFL code code from C: Program folder filesamibrokerformulasbasic4) Copy to in c: program folder filesamibrokerformulasIncludebut I can not find filesamibrokerformulasbasic and filesamibrokerformulasbasicmaybe I did not understand where to installhellothanks

Dear Rajandran R,Thank you for helping by creating very useful AFL call Super trend V2. I have added this to my amibroker. It works with popup alerts but sound is missing. Can you help me get sound alert too.

Super trend is a popular mql strategy converted for the use of intraday amibroker Traders. And you can also watch the same indicator live with various instruments like Nifty , MCX Metals and for few stocks here

Rajendra :-Could you please explain how to test this code .I am very new in amibroker .This can be help for all naw user to explore this new area .If you have any such usefull link then please share us .I tried to dig out from google but not succicde.

Hi Rajandran RI Was serching supertrend formula for my amibroker since last 2 months i found best formula from your site.Many Of My Friends Useing Supertrend System (ATR Length 5days, ATR Mulitiplier 1 , Highlow Bar 5)For Nifty / Bank nifty in 30 miniutes time frame and it gives best result with narrow stoploss.

Very much inspired by your work and the help you are providing to all. I m new to the amibroker and I have version 5.2. I downloaded the .afl from this page, but after running the same, I m not able to get the same kind of graph which you have mentioned or the one that is shown in the youtube. Can you pls send me the .afl code to my mail address, [email protected]. Thanks in advance.

Installed your super trend today, the first time when manshi rt opened amibroker it showed the box on the left side where you inform last buy/sell call sl etc. I closed amibroker lot of pain went in actually getting odin data in amibroker and finally data came in to amibroker. Your buy sell is also appearing for previous day. But today (saturday) is not getting updated.

Sir thank you for your replywhat i want to know is when i am running analyzer for old super trend using EOD data, 98% of buy signals given are turning in to loss makers, some times loss is beginning in the very next trade itself.I am using amibroker 5.0

Hi sir, i m interested in configuring my own robo trading with afl. No matter even if it requires coding for every single scrip. I dont understand how start and configure robo configuration for amibroker

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