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Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem

Dallas, Ricky, Kelly, and Molly reach the roof and fight off several Xenomorphs before escaping in the helicopter. Wolf, having survived the fall, battles the Predalien on the roof in hand-to-hand combat. The two mortally wound each other just as an F-22 Raptor arrives. Rather than a rescue mission, an F-22 executes a tactical nuclear strike that levels the entire city to ensure the aliens' deaths, instantly killing Sheriff Morales, Darcy and everyone else gathered at ground zero. The shock wave causes the fleeing helicopter to crash in a clearing, where the survivors are rescued by the military. Wolf's plasma blaster is confiscated, and Colonel Stevens presents it to Ms. Yutani.

Aliens vs Predator: Requiem

Further criticism of the Alien included the behavior of the alien creature itself. Whereas the alien creatures were capable of using their surroundings to their advantage and displaying basic problem solving skills, (such as cutting the power and using elevators in Aliens) these aliens displayed a rather high amount of unintelligent behavior that is unusual for a creature as intelligent as the alien. An example of this is during the sewer scene, the aliens spend an absurd amount of time pointlessly stalking Wolf instead of attacking him when they have the advantage in numbers or setting up an ambush, therefore giving Wolf enough time to prepare for battle and when it ensues Wolf easily overpowers the aliens, tossing them around with little to no effort and holding two of the aliens up by their throats without them retaliating, this is in contrast to the first film in which one Alien is easily able to match the strength of a predator and even over-power them. This is also evident during the power plant scene where an alien manages to shove Wolf over a railing and impale him with a metal pipe and instead of finishing him off the alien sprints away with Wolf attempting to shoot the alien with his Plasmacaster and causing a city wide blackout in the process and making the situation worse.

Parents need to know that Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem is the 2007 sequel of the franchise. The violence is constant and unrelenting. While there are the expected scenes of the aliens and predator boring through chests, attacking faces, and impaling any and all victims (with plenty of blood and gore in each attack), that's only the beginning. Young children watch their parents get killed by the aliens and the predator; parents are torn up, lose limbs, scream in agony as they suffer horrible deaths. In a hospital, an alien enters a pregnancy ward, sucks the babies out of the mothers, then implants their own babies inside their wombs. Heads are blown off and smashed. A police officer is found dead in the woods, hanging upside down and skinned. Extended battles between humans and the invaders, with guns, machine guns, and lasers. Profanity regularly used, including "motherf--ker" twice and "f--k" used several times. Female teen character starts to remove her clothes in front of a teen boy, reveals bra and panties; they start to make out but stop when the bullies, and, later, aliens attack. A bully jock-type beats up one of the lead characters, then takes his truck keys and throws them into the sewer grate. This same bully, in a later scene, while talking about his ex-girlfriend, says that he "taught the slut everything she knows." Lead character makes a homophobic joke concerning a "sausage lovers pizza." Some drinking.

How is this movie similar to and different from the franchises that it was spun off from? Do you think the aliens are meant to represent any specific threat in the real world? If so, what? Are they standing in for terrorists (as referenced in the film)?

Raiding the local sporting goods store for any guns they can get their hands on, the doughty survivors do their best to stay alive and stave off the aliens (and the predator!) until the National Guard arrives to clean up the mess.

The movie starts off with a space ship crashing in the middle of the Colorado wilderness. On board is a Predator/Alien hybrid and a small army of facehuggers. The adorable little critters get out of the ship and start latching onto whatever humans are unfortunate enough to be in the immediate area. Meanwhile, back at Predator central, a Predator has been dispatched to Earth to take out the aliens and the hybrid. While he's en route, we are introduced to the generic characters who will comprise the human collateral damage portion of the movie: an ex-con named Dallas (Steven Pasquale) and his whiny younger brother, Ricky (Johnny Lewis); Kelly (Rieko Aylesworth), a soldier just home from Iraq; and Sheriff Eddie Morales (John Ortiz), who spends the movie looking alternatively bored or confused. The first 45 minutes of AVPR is set-up as we "get to know" these cardboard characters. The second half is the bloodletting, where lots of things happen but it's usually too dark to figure out what's going on.

Levels involve getting from A to B, shooting lots of aliens along the way. Sometimes you will have to overcome obstacles by pressing a single button to smash an electric switch or use a computer console or operate a lift and so on. In case you're stupid, there are big glowing red triangles and exclamation marks and arrows everywhere to indicate what to do next.

The aliens are not hard to defeat, even using the basic weapons you start out with. If they're at a distance it's just a matter of pressing both shoulder buttons to lock-on then firing away. Close-up you can melee them to death using your big old claw. As the game progresses there are other weapons, such as throwing discs and a hand cannon, to collect. None are very exciting.

The vision modes are rarely useful. It's not difficult to spot aliens when they're running towards you flailing and screaming, or easy to miss giant bits of alien technology left lying round high school gyms. The invisibility mode is good for sneaking past humans but that's about it.

There's no variation in the way levels play out and little of interest to look at. Expect lots of jagged edges, bland backgrounds and oddly coloured lighting. Your character sports a decent amount of detail, as do the enemy aliens, but on the whole it's just dull.

There are three branching storylines but none take more than a few hours to play through. After that you're left with Skirmish mode, where you have five minutes to kill as many aliens as possible within one of the level environments. As the main game is about killing as many aliens as possible this seems a bit pointless. In multiplayer mode, you and a wireless friend run round killing as many aliens as possible - you can't take each other on. It's not much fun. 041b061a72

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